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5 Reasons for Drinking Tamara Water

When I saw my father using a copper pot for storing water, which he drinks early in the morning I did not know why. I asked him and he told me that it was good for the body. I was not convinced then, but now after researching a bit on the topic I have also started doing the same. Today we will try and understand five benefits of drinking water stored in a copper vessel which is known as “Tamara Jal” in Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic texts tell about the magical properties of water stored in copper ware. It is an essential element to keep the balance of the three doshas in the human body which are Kapha, Vata and Pitta. The metal also has an electromagnetic property which is known as prana Shakti in Ayurveda. Here are some benefits of copper water which has been acknowledged by modern medical science. Anti-Microbial Property – Water stored in a copper vessel overnight kills all the microbes. Copper slowly dissolves in water thereby increasing the pH slightly, and this makes the water unfit for micr…

4 Religious Customs and the Science Behind It

Religious customs are generally believed to be superstition, but recent research by the scientific community has found that there is more to these traditions than what meets the eye. Since these customs and rituals have the backing of belief and faith they have lived on for thousands of years. The ancient prophets related these customs to religion and god as it is easier for people to follow them. The customs of all religions in the world are based on some real science behind it and this article is an endeavor to spread this knowledge. I will try to bring out the science and benefits behind all these religious customs, and it will be very interesting.

1.    Throwing Coins in Wells, ponds and Rivers: Do you remember the wishing well and the story we listened from our grandparents and how throwing a coin could make one’s wish come true? This custom is generally related to Hinduism but all other religions have this custom. This custom is believed to bring good luck to the person doing it…