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Copper the Metal Conductor for Spiritual Energy

Everyone knows about the conducting capability of copper. The ability of copper to conduct heat and electricity is very well known. However, one conducting capability which is not known is the spiritual conductivity. According to belief of the ancient seers copper has the unique ability to conduct energy (spiritual) between healing crystals, individuals, auras and the spirit world. What is the truth behind this belief and is it all myth?

The Secrets revealed

Almost all ancient civilizations used copper as a metal in their spiritual and religious ceremonies. So, it cannot be just chance as ancient humans knew the connections and energies better than modern science which is now realizing this as a fact.

A recent research showed that copper could not only help to heal superficial wounds but also heal internal tumors without even touching it. The mention of copper as a healing element by Charaka the Ayurvedic healer by its aura seems to be true.

Another sample study at a Psychiatric institu…