This is why Moscow Mule is served in Copper Mugs only

If you are a  Moscow Mule lover, this question might have crossed your mind, that why is a Moscow Mule always served in a  Copper Mug  Well, there is a little bit of science and a tiny bit of history behind it.

When Moscow Mule was first invented in the year 1941, it was originally served and advertised in copper mugs. Since then, the drink has been served in a copper Mug only and real Moscow Mule lovers won’t like it any other way.

Now coming to the science, copper is one metal which is known for its conductivity of both cold and hot temperature. The reason why cold beverages such as Moscow Mule are served in Copper Mugs and copper bottom cookware are preferred for slow cooking is because copper is one metal which conducts temperatures very efficiently. When the copper Metal comes in contact with the heat, it absorbs the heat evenly via the surface and retains it. The same way when the cold temperature comes in contact with the metal it absorbs the temperature quickly and retains it for a very long time, making it the perfect option for serving cold beverages.

Copper Mugs  are the best to serve all types of cold beverages since they enhance the drinking experience of the consumer by importing the same chilliness to the consumer as well. When compared to utensils made of other materials such as glass, plastic or other metals, copper is the one which is most suitable for serving and drinking cold beverages. The metal quickly takes up the coldness of the drink and preserves it for a very long time making your drinking experience an enjoyable one.

So now you know exactly why the Moscow mule is served in a Copper Mug only. 


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