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Cooking in Copper Vessels

Copper pots really look nice in the kitchen, but nowadays they are being more as decorative items rather than being used. Cooking in copper pots is different from the usual cooking and hence people desist from doing it. But it is real fun cooking in theses shiny pots and to top it all the food cooks more uniformly in a copper pot. Cooking a meal in a copper vessel and then drinking out of a copper tumbler is the best way to detoxify the body.

Here are some tips to cook in a copper vessel, and mind it all is essential for good cooking.

Be ready with everything before cooking – Copper is a high performance metal when conduction of heat is concerned. So, you should be ready for quicker cooking with all the ingredients ready for cooking. One thing is for sure that you will get quick and consistent result with copper.

Cook on low flame – Low flame gives the best results with copper pots. Copper with its high conductivity heats up quickly and does not need high flame cooking. Another feature o…