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How to use and care for copper pots and pans

The Secret Chemistry Of Copper

Ayurveda used to keep water fresh and fit for drinking even before bacteria was known to man. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptian and Sumerians used copper vessels for storing water. The surprising fact is that water stored in a copper vessel can remain fresh for years. Isn’t that something for the modern civilization which is struggling for safe drinking water? So, what does copper actually do to make the water fresh?

What does copper do?

The answer lies in the chemistry of copper. As per the scientists, copper is an element that ionizes in water thus making the water unfit for microbe growth. Even the stubborn E-Coli bacteria which are responsible for food poisoning cannot survive for long ion water kept in a copper vessel. According to a research done at Southampton University on a strain of Coli bacteria known as 157, these pathogens can live in a stainless steel vessel for months but keep in an Ayurvedic copper water bottle they can survive only for a mere four hours. Even the copper alloy brass is effective in killing these pathogens. The chemistry behind the copper charged water is the dissolving of trace quantities of copper in water. This copper remains in form of ions, which has an adverse effect on the biology of bacteria and viruses. This is called oligodynamic effect in which the copper ions draw the water away from the little creatures and it is a death knell.

This property can be put to great use for storing water in restaurants, hospitals, shops and factories. The water in the copper vessel will lessen the risk of food poisoning by bacteria. Also, the same property of copper makes it an excellent choice for lining the most touched surfaces like railings and door knobs. In fact, an experiment in England within controlled environment came to a conclusion that installing copper -plated surfaces on doorknobs and bed heads in hospitals can reduce the risk of infection by a staggering 65%. This is the ancient wonder metal for you.

Copper and Fertility

Infertility in males and females is a glaring problem in the modern society. The pollution and the lifestyle changes have brought this about. However, the wonderful ancient metal can be the solution to this modern problem. You may not find this information in a regular textbook. Getting copper in your diet can actually increase your fertility and this is true for both men and women. In men, copper is responsible for sperm count and healthier sperms, while in women it is required for proper ocular growth. There are many ways of getting the extra copper for health and fertility. The Ayurveda way is to store water in a yoga water bottle made of copper overnight and drink the water first ting in the morning. This should be knitted into a daily routine and your fertility is bound to increase. Alternately, you could eat copper rich foods like raisins along with copper supplements that come with vitamins. So, if you want to bring joy to your life in form of an offspring copper is the answer.


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