Copper Cookware : Must Know Information about Cooking and Maintenance

Copper Ware used for cooking is quite different from the steel and aluminum alloy vessels commonly used in kitchens. For instance copper pots bottoms are prone to deforming unlike steel cookware. Generally it is seen as manufacturing fault, but it is not. IT is the natural way copper behaves to heat due to it being sifter than steel. The copper is hammered to increase its strength. The copper pot bottom should be inward curved for stability. This is the reason copper pots look different.

Copper Vessels and Cookers -Copper vessels can be used on any kind of cooker and works very well with induction cookers. A little bit of ferrous coating bat the bottom makes it perfect for use on induction cookers. Gas cooker are the best for the red metal kitchenware as the heat is distributed evenly, which means thin walled pots can also be used. Only with ceramic cook top thick walled vessels are required as the heat distribution is uneven.

Color of Copper – Heating changes the color of copper and this is quite normal. Also the shine fades a giving it a vintage look after a certain period of time. This means that copper is pure and is best for cooking. People make the mistake of thinking that copper is not pure because it has lost its shine. It is completely untrue.

Maintenance Tips – Copper is a soft metal and hence is very much prone to scratches. New vessels are polished to give it a shine. The shine may fade away if proper maintenance is not done. When not using it should be stored in a dry place as copper reacts with water. There are special cleaning solutions for copper ware. However traditional method of rubbing with lemon juice and common salt is as good. Tamarind can also be used to clean the vessels. These cleaning processes remove the copper oxide formed due to reaction with moisture present in the air. Another important thing is to dry the vessels after cleaning leaving as little moisture as possible. Using a bit of coconut oil to polish occasionally gives excellent results. In case of vessels with inner lining of tin extra care must be taken and abrasives should never be used. Abrasives can easily remove the tin coating. Cleaning with a soft cotton cloth is the best option.

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