How to Clean and Care for your Copper Cookware
Copper is one of the nicest metals when it comes to molding cookware. Since it is extremely good at conducting the heat you need not turn up the flame at high while cooking or preheat before cooking. Just keep the flame on medium and the rest is assured. If you accidentally turned on the heat to high some discoloration may appear on the cookware. But no need to worry as you can easily clean the discoloration by using a copper cleaning powder along with some elbow grease.

A lot of people shy away from using copper cookware thinking it will take a lot of time and effort maintaining it. Copper utensils are great for cooking and are crafted for boiling, braising, sautéing and more. Though in the process these may get scarred but that does not mean that one should abstain from utilizing this amazing metal.

Tips to clean your copper cookware for maintaining their shine:
  • Wash and dry normally- After you are done cooking, wash your copperware with warm water and soap. Post washing make sure to wipe off the excess water from the surface of the utensil to avoid water marks.
  •  Buff away the spots with a mild abrasive- Another easy way and efficient way of cleaning tarnished copper utensils is to clean the tarnished surface with lemon and table salt. Cut a lemon in half or take two used lemon halves. Sprinkle some table salt on the lemon and gently rub the surface of the utensil with the lemon and salt in circular motions. Wash with plain water to rinse the salt and lemon. Another easy way is to make a paste by combining equal amounts of salt and corn flour with enough lemon juice and then using this paste with a soft cotton cloth to clean the discoloration.
  • Baking soda-Make a paste by combining equal parts of lemon juice and baking soda. Use this paste with a soft cloth to rub off the tarnish or discoloration from the utensil.
  • Vinegar to the rescue- White vinegar is apt for removing spots and discoloration from the surface of your copper cookware. Dip a soft cloth in white vinegar and rub the surface of the utensil with it. Keep moving to different parts of the utensil you want to clean until you are satisfied. Your copper-ware will shine with all its glory.
  • Polish with tomatoes-Tomatoes are acidic in nature and has naturally occurring bleaching properties. Cover the surface of the copper utensil with fresh tomato paste and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with soap and water.


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