The story of Copper Mule Mug

Copper has been used for drinking fluids for thousands of years. The Indian yogis drank water from copper vessels which they carried with them. These vessels are known as “Kamandal”. People from all around the world used to drink in copper mugs and pots as Copper looked Royal due to its shine.
There are many other instances of copper mugs been used for drinking alcohol particularly in America like the Virginia tankard which was a large copper cup. There was another copper vessel named the flagon which had the capacity of three cups. Following in the footsteps was the Moscow Mule a cocktail which was born in America and has its own copper mug. It was a Copper Moscow Mule Mug which made the drink famous.

Most of the cocktails have their own glassware from which it is drunk. Similarly Moscow mule and the copper mug are made for each other. The story started when John Martin bought a small distillery called Smirnoff for $14000 in the 1930s. Vodka as a drink was not that popular in America then. So John Martin found it hard to sell the drink. One day he was sitting in his friend’s pub called Sunset Strip and discussing the bad investment he had done in Smirnoff. His friend Jack Morgan the owner of the pub was also saying that he was unable to sell his stock of ginger beer. Another person had some copper mugs which she was unable to sell. So, these brains came together and the drink mixing vodka and ginger beer in a copper mug came into being. A dash of lime juice was added to give the tinge.
The cocktail became a rage and sold like hot cakes. Smirnoff marketed the drink under the name Smirnoff Mule and most of the Hollywood stars starred in the advertising campaign. It was the largest selling cocktail in 1950-1960. It is still popular but in a vintage way, and still served in copper mugs. This is the story of the Moscow Mule.


  1. I love the copper cups with the mule engraving, very cute. The history of this drink is very intriguing. Check out this Copper Moscow Mule Mug if you want to make one yourself at home,


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