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The Coffee you need to try at least once- Turkish Coffee

Every country has a different way of preparing their coffee and there is nothing extraordinary about it. But when it comes to the turks, there is more to coffee than just ‘coffee’. The Turkish coffee was invented in the 16th century in the Middle Eastern countries and later spread to Europe and Russia. 
The Turkish coffee is not so popular because they use some unique blend of coffee but because they prepare their coffee in a unique pot (Turkish coffee maker) known as cezve. Cezve is a small pot especially utilized for making Turkish coffee. This pot is usually made of copper with a brass handle. But lately, you can also get czeve made from aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic as well. The coffee maker looks like a tumbler attached with a long handle. The czeve was originally designed for preparing coffee in the desert using the hot sand. This is the reason why czeve is made of copper as it conducts heat much more efficiently as compared to other metals. 
As far as the coffee is concer…

How to Cook in and Care for Copper Utensils


Copper Water Bottles are the New Health Tools you Need to Try

Why is copper water perfect for storing water? It is a healthier option because copper naturally alkalizes the water and small amounts of the trace copper, which is a very important mineral required for several vital tasks of the body gets leached into the water. It acts as a natural self-sterilizer. Most of the bacteria, viruses and fungi all have an allergic      reaction to copper killing almost all of them. Unlike iron, copper oxidizes in a very different way. When iron oxidizes it leads to the formation of a reddish brown substance known as rust, which weakens the metal. But in the case of copper, as it ages it develops a patina onto its surface which is green in color. This does not affect the strength of the copper adversely, which meanscopper utensils can last for up to ages without getting damaged too much.  

Copper the giver
Copper is one mineral the human body cannot synthesize on its own but is required by the body for completing several important tasks.Our body needs copper …

Why are Copper Mugs Better for Serving Moscow Mule

If you are a Moscow mule lover, this question might have crossed your mind, that why is a Moscow mule always served in acopper mule mug. Well, there is a little bit of science and a tiny bit of history behind it.
When Moscow mule was first invented in the year 1941, it was originally served and advertised in copper mugs. Since then, the drink has been served in a copper mule mug only and real Moscow mule lovers won’t like it any other way. 
Now coming to the science, copper is one metal which is known for its conductivity of both cold and hot temperature. The reason why cold beverages such as Moscow muleare served in copper mugs and copper bottom cookware are preferred for slow cooking is because copper is one metal which conducts temperatures very efficiently. When the copper metal comes in contact with the heat, it absorbs the heat evenly via the surface and retains it. The same way when the cold temperature comes in contact with the metal it absorbs the temperature quickly and retain…