How to Cook in and Care for Copper Utensils

Apart from being super stylish copper also helps you with the cooking process as well since it is the second best metal after silver when it comes to the conduction of heat. The surface of copper utensils warm up quickly and stays that way for a longer duration. It also ensures a proper heat distribution and leads to a uniform cooking process. It means no burnt bits and you have more control over the cooking process.

Also contrary to the popular belief, copper is absolutely safe for cooking as long as it is lined with some sort of a non-reactive metal such as nickel, tin or stainless steel. Most of the copper cookware comes with a metal lining made from nickel, tin or stainless steel. Cook everything in your copper pan without thinking twice and the metal lining will keep your food safe. 

But once you are done cooking, comes the more important part and i.e. cleaning it. There is this old rumor which still prevents people from getting and using copper utensils and that is copper utensils are a pain to clean. As we already said it is a rumor and was definitely spread by a lazy person. Copper utensils are very long lasting and the minor marks here and there can easily be cleaned with some elbow grease and a little bit of patience.

It is best to clean your copper ware immediately after the cooking process (when the cookware has cooled down). The simplest way to clean your copper ware is first with warm water and soap. This will remove any grease from the pan. Once all the grease is removed from the pan, you can move to the next step of the cleaning process. For this, you need half a lemon and table salt. Dip the lemon in the salt and rub the surface of the pot with it gently until all the marks are removed. Rinse well with plain water and wipe the excess water with a clean cloth to prevent water marks. 


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