When You Need not Use Copper Utensils

Some food items naturally react with copper as well as some other metals. You should not store any pickled items inside copper containers as it will react with the metal. Milk is also dangerous for storing inside copper containers are dairy items such as cream, butter, etc. these will react with the metal and may lead to copper poisoning. Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and orange are also not suggested to be stored in copper. Yogurt should also be avoided to be stored in copper as its acidic nature may react with the metal. It is not really suggested to store and eat these food items from copper vessels.

The drawbacks of copper ingestion

Gastrointestinal problems are a result of excess copper ingestion. The symptoms of stomach flu are similar to those of excess copper ingestion and include diarrhea, vomiting and cramp-like stomachaches. You may also have a metallic taste in your mouth and feel weak and lethargic. The symptoms will eventually go away if it is diagnosed correctly. The human body can process copper in small amounts but if large amounts of copper in ingested over an extended period of time the related symptoms may persist if left untreated. 

Unlined Copper Utensils

Avoid using copper cookware which is unlined. The inside of the utensil should be lined with a safe material such as stainless steel or tin in order to prevent excess ingestion of copper in the body. 

Cooking for babies and young children

It is not recommended to use copper utensils when cooking food for babies or young children. If you have been cooking food for your baby in copper utensils and he/she has been displaying symptoms similar to stomach flu, then you need to look into the cause deeply. Always use stainless steel or Teflon cookware only for cooking purpose.

Burned food 

Sometimes food items may get burned while cooking or may get scorched. Normally, you may get a little-burnt taste but you can still eat it. But when you are cooking with copper it is not recommended to eat the burnt food as it may lead to copper poisoning.  

The Incredible Benefits of Copper Water Bottle

Who would not fell in love with the shiny, rose gold and vintage looking water bottles? But apart from the aesthetics, copper water bottles are known for the various health benefits. We all know how crucial it is to take care of our bodies and how our hectic schedule can make it almost impossible. 

Keeping this aspect in mind we have designed something which will not only keep a check on your health but will also make a lot of heads turn towards you. Our copper water bottles are designed keeping in minds the modern individual who is looking forward to adding a healthy touch to his life while maintaining a sense of style. 

The use of copper in the form of vessels has been prevalent for centuries and is certainly not just another health fad. Copper vessels were majorly used by our ancestors for storing and drinking water mainly because it was easily available as compared to other metals. Another reason for it being a popular metal was probably its water purifying properties. Copper has oligodynamic properties which have a destructive effect on the microbes present in the water. 

The ancient medical science, Ayurveda, also suggests the use of copper utensils for storing water as copper charged water stores in itself the ability to balance the three doshas i.e. the vata, kapha and pitta. These doshas define the physical, mental and emotional wellness of an individual. 

There have been research and studies which validate the potent health benefits of copper treated water such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved heart health
  • Slows down aging
  • Fights arthritis
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Fights cancer
  • Beats anemia 

The suggested suggests a dose of 12 mg copper a day for an average adult and drinking copper treated water is a great way to do that. Plus, copper water bottles are also a great alternative to plastic water as these are a sustainable option as compared to the plastic water bottles. With copper water bottles you are not creating any non-biodegradable waste and you also get to reap the benefits of copper treated water. 

The Uses, Benefits, Sources and Dosage of Copper

Copper is an essential trace mineral present in all tissues. Copper along with vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids are important for the normal metabolic processes. Copper is the third most important mineral present in the human body. It helps with maintaining a healthy metabolism which is crucial for the growth and development of the body. Without copper, there will be no peptide formation, cellular respiration, neurotransmitter biosynthesis, pigment formation and connective tissue strength. Copper is crucial for various enzymes and helps with the development of the central nervous system.

Health Benefits of Copper
  • It helps with absorption of iron
  • It helps with the collagen production
  • Is crucial for energy production
  • It supports the cognitive functions and helps with growth and neurodevelopment. 
  • A balanced level of copper helps with the prevention of osteoporosis. 
  • It maintains healthy immune functions. An improper intake of copper may result in neutropenia- the deficiency of white blood cells. 
  • Copper is essential for the formation of red blood cells. 
  • It helps in maintaining the quality of connective tissues, eyes and hair.
  • It assists the body in maintaining an optimum level of good cholesterol. 
  • Copper is a potent antioxidant which acts as an anti-aging agent. 
  • It is antimicrobial in nature. 
  • Copper helps with the proper functioning of thyroid gland. 
  • Copper the anti-inflammatory properties of copper helps with strengthening the muscular system and thus reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

Common sources of copper

Copper is one of those minerals which cannot be synthesized by the human body and thus need to be obtained from dietary sources only. Copper can easily be obtained from a number of food items such as seafood, beans, meat, whole grains, wheat bran, soy-flour, avocados, almonds, garlic, barley, nuts, garlic, blackstrap molasses, oats, mushrooms, beets and lentils. Crab meat and oysters are the richest source copper. Another convenient way to fulfill your daily requirement of copper is by drinking water that has been stored in a copper vessel such as a copper water bottle.

Insufficient amount of copper in the body may lead to various complications such as:
  • Arthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Paleness
  •  Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Low body temperature
  • Joint inflammation
  • Weaker immunity
  • Brittle bones
  • Thinning of hair or baldness
  • Bruising
  • Sores
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Skin pigmentation

Dosage of copper
  • For infants   (0-12 months)- 200 - 220 mcg/day
  • For children (1-3 years)- 340 mcg/day
                              (4-8 years)- 440 mcg/day

                             (9-13 years)- 700 mcg/day

                             (14-18 years)- 890 mcg/day
  • In adults (19 years and older)- 900 mcg/day

How to Stay Healthy with Few Simple Tips

The New Year has just started and we all have our list of resolutions ready. But one the resolutions that we all should include in the list of our New Year resolutions is to stay healthy by incorporating healthy habits into our daily life. Keeping in mind the busy lifestyle and unhealthy habits, it is a must for all of us to take a pledge to take care of our health and pursue a healthier life.

So, if you are interested in improving your health for good, try to incorporate these below-mentioned tips in your daily life and enhance your life quality greatly. 
Healthy diet- Nowadays, the daily diet of most people comprises of a lot of processed and junk food which is not good for the health and causes obesity which then leads to various other diseases. In order to lose this weight people try out different diets and workouts which they may or may not be able to sustain.

But, isn’t it better to be a little cautious from the very beginning so that you don’t have to put in too much effort later. Food options should be selected in such a way that you get all the essential nutrients required by the body. Processed food items or junk food should make up a very little part of your diet or if you can, try to avoid it entirely. Processed food items are hard to digest and get absorbed by the body and thus results in excess weight gain or obesity. Stick to a natural organic diet to maintain proper functioning of your body and avoid weight gain.

Use the right cookware- Non-stick cookware is very popular these days and is preferred by a lot of people due to the convenience it offers. But non-stick cookware may not be the ideal choice for cooking as it releases toxic substances and pollutes the food. Cast iron or copper cookware is the best cookware options available to you. Cast iron is a more common as compared to copper cookware because it is cheaper and does not require much maintenance. You can use whichever you fancy but try to avoid non-stick cookware as much as possible.  


 Use copper water bottles instead of plastic- Plastic water bottles are most commonly used for storing water in almost every household. Just by looking at it, it may not seem like you are risking your life. But in the long run plastic water bottles may cause havoc on your health. Excluding the food grade plastic, other plastics may release toxins into the water which may deteriorate your health in the long run. A better option to store water is copper water bottles.  These bottles are not only sustainable but also add amazing health benefits to your life. Switch your plastic water bottles with copper ones and witness your health improving over time. 


Practice yoga- Yoga is the ancient technique developed 5000 years ago as a tool to unite the body, mind and soul. Practicing yoga everyday helps in maintaining a strong and flexible body, an alert brain and a peaceful soul. Even if you are very busy, try to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes every day to practice yoga poses along with pranayama and meditation.

How do Copper Cups affect your Health

Copper drink-ware is all the rage right now and people are going all crazy over the shiny metal. Copper cups, copper water bottles, copper pitchers, copper tumblers- you name it and you have it. But given to the “health” revolution, people are going all crazy for copper treated water. There is a long list of health benefits which are associated with the use of pure copper vessels for storing and drinking water.

When water is stored in a copper vessel it takes up the positive charge of the metal along with all the positive properties of the metal as well. Copper has been recognized for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which may help in the faster recovery of wounds. It also makes for a crucial element of our diet and body as it helps in the formation of new cells and boosts immunity.

A few things you need to keep in mind in order to reap the most benefits from a copper utensil you must store the water in the copper tumbler or copper pitcher overnight. If the water is stored in the copper vessel for less than four hours, it won’t do much good to your body. Also, in order to get the most of the copper water, you should drink it as soon as you wake up before eating or drinking anything. 
Other benefits of drinking in a copper cup are reduced signs of aging, glowing skin, prevention of cancer, regulates thyroid, stimulates the brain, helps the body with the proper absorption of iron and thus prevents anemia. And to make it even better, let me tell you that these benefits are not just mere sayings, there is scientific evidence to prove these facts.

In another scientific study, scientists measured the number of microbes in a sample of water and then the water was then transferred to a pure copper container. After sixteen hours, the water was checked again and it was revealed that the level of harmful microbes was reduced greatly. The only reason for the fall in the level of microbes was found to be the copper vessel used for storing the water.

If you want to reap all these amazing benefits, then get your pure copper cup from https://www.copperutensilonline.com/copper-glass-and-cups.php.

The Ayurvedic Secret to Drinking Water and Benefiting from it

Do you ever give it a thought before drinking water? Now you must be thinking that what one could possibly think about it. When you are thirsty, you drink water; it is as simple as that. Well, to tell you the truth, the way in which you drink water can have a significant difference on your well being.

Do you often feel bloated after eating? Does drinking too much water to keep yourself hydrated results into innumerable trips to the bathroom? Do you feel sleepy after having lunch or dinner? Do you suffer from acne, clogged pores and dull skin? Surprisingly, these problems along with other such issues can be solved by adopting a unique method of drinking water suggested by Ayurveda.

In this article, we will describe how making these small changes to your drinking habits can have a lasting impact on your overall health and well being.

How to drink water the Ayurvedic way

The most crucial aspect of this Ayurveda method of drinking water is to make sure that you are drinking water in a way which allows the body to absorb the water effectively and use it efficiently. In order to attain that, Ayurveda suggests that one should drink small quantities of water throughout the day instead of drinking large quantities only a few times a day.

Ideally one should take a couple of sips of water every 30 minutes or so. In fact, drinking small quantities of water throughout the day enhances the hydration and accelerates the detoxification process of the body. Drinking water this way increases the energy levels, improves your skin, hair and nails health, fights early signs of aging, boosts immunity, improve digestion and benefits the overall well being.

A lot of people have a set target of drinking a definite amount of water on a day to day basis and try to stick to it, even if it means to gulp down a large quantity of water in a short amount of time just to keep up with the daily required goal. If you follow this approach, you will be drinking 1-2 glasses of water in one go in order to fulfill your daily requirement of 8 glasses of water. 


It may surprise a lot of people that chugging water can be less productive. Our bodies are very good at adapting to a lot of things but they are definitely not designed to absorb huge quantities of water in such short span of time. Although the chugging method is much more ideal keeping in mind our busy lifestyles. But it is definitely not an ideal one for the way it affects our body and well being.

If you are one of those people following the chugging method, there are few simple hacks that you can try to implement the continual hydration method. One simple hack to keep yourself hydrated following the continual hydration method is by keeping a water bottle handy. Get a water bottle which is both aesthetically appealing and functional. Carry the water bottle with you throughout the day. Take small sips from the water bottle on a regular interval.

Copper water bottle is a great option to store and carry water. Not only are these bottles aesthetically appealing they also fulfill the purpose of functionality. The beautiful body of the bottle will compel you to keep the bottle on your desk and carry it everywhere. There are a number of designs available in the market so that you can choose the one according to your style and preference. The gleaming beauty of the copper water bottle will keep reminding you to sip water from it. 

Another great way to keep reminding yourself to drink water at regular intervals is by setting up reminders or alerts on your smartphone. At first, you may find it a little annoying but this little trick is really helpful to keep you on track with your water consumption without exerting the body. Soon your body will become accustomed to this system and you won’t even need an alarm for it.

Summary- Merely just fulfilling the daily requirement of water is not enough to stay hydrated and get the required benefits out of it. In this article, we will learn how to drink water in order to benefit from it.

Why is Copper Treated Water Healthy for You

Copper is an essential mineral required for the proper functioning of the body. The human body relies on external dietary sources for fulfilling the daily requirement of copper as the human body is not capable of synthesizing the same on its own. Copper is crucial for:
  • Maintaining a normal metabolism
  • Repair and maintain the connective tissues by helping with the collagen formation 
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant 
  • Prevent early signs of aging  
  • Enhances immunity 
  • Fastens the healing capacity of the body

Depending on the age, gender and health conditions, every individual is required to consume a specific amount of copper in order to maintain the proper functioning of the body. Where the required amount of copper in a healthy adult male is 1.5-2.5 mg/day, in females it is 1.5-3 mg/day. Copper deficiency may result in diseases such as anemia, abnormal cholesterol levels, bone abnormalities, thyroid or pancreas dysfunction, premature graying of hair, etc. 


Health benefits of drinking from copper utensils

One of the best ways to fulfill your daily copper requirement easily is by drinking water that has been stored in a pure copper water bottle or copper jug overnight. Small particles of copper get leached into the water and make it copper charged. This copper charged water when consumed has many positive effects on your health such as:
  • An improved digestion and prevention of gastritis or ulcer formation 
  • Aids in weight loss 
  • Prevents early signs of aging 
  • Reduces inflammation which accompanies arthritis 
  • Improves iron absorption and prevents anemia  
  • Maintains a healthy heart and brain 
  • Helps with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

To prepare fresh copper treated water, fill a pure copper jug with fresh drinking water and keep it overnight. Next morning your copper treated water is ready to be consumed.