Benefits of Copper for Skin
Beauty-conscious men and women men will do anything to slow down their aging process. It is just so hard to accept the appearance of those fine lines on your temple and other parts of face. It is really only understood when you reach that stage; however, even though it is not completely possible to reverse the clock of aging, it is certainly possible to slow it down. It is important to resort to natural methods as using those chemical laden creams in a bid to eradicate those fine lines may not just work, but may also prove dangerous to your health.

When it comes to natural methods to slow down the aging process, copper is considered a very significant ally in aging skin care. It is not surprising to find copper as one of the ingredients in a number of lotions and creams formulated to do away with wrinkles.
Since ancient times, people have been using copper utensils like copper kettle and copper jug as they were believed to be helpful in promoting well-being. Many health conscious families, till date, use copper ware or copper vessels to store water and food. Copper kitchen utensils are a common site in the kitchens of most rural household. And a copper coffee maker is newest trend taking the market by storm.

Copper is found in all tissues of our body but is primarily stored in liver. We need to get this important mineral from our diet as our body cannot synthesize on its own.

As for how copper plays a role in maintaining youthful skin, it is because of copper peptide, a substance it forms by binding to peptides, the small fragments of protein. As we all know, proteins have many important roles to play within our body, and which includes repairing our damaged tissue and replacing the bad ones with new ones. Peptides, as mentioned earlier, are the very small fragments of protein, and they are instrumental to a healthy looking skin. Copper binds with these peptides and form copper peptide, and thus acts as a transportation medium to carry nourishing protein to the damaged skin.
Copper peptides are known to promote production of elastin, collagen, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycan. If you didn’t know these all substances are vital to a healthy skin. Thus, if you at all want to have healthy and youthful skin, you just cannot do without copper. Not only it is important to have a diet rich in copper, you can even use the fruits and veggies rich in copper and use them as a face mask.

Remember one sure shot way of getting enough copper in your system is to use copper utensils, copper ware, copper vessels, copper kettle, copper jug or even a copper coffee maker.


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