Health Benefits of Using Copper Utensils

Copper is one among the essential minerals that are found in our body. It helps in making of red blood cells in our body, maintaining our immune system as well as keeping our nerve cells in a healthier condition. Do you know copper also acts as an anti oxidant reducing the free radicals? These free radicals may be damaging to the DNA cells in our body. Copper is a necessary nutrient that our body requires for proper functioning of the body, thus in order to live a healthier and full life, we need to make sure that we have enough of this important mineral in our body. A trace of this mineral need to be replenished daily as our body does not synthesizes it.
When it comes to getting copper for our body, it is important to notice that our body cannot produce this mineral on its own and thus we need to source it from our diet. Copper is present in many different food sources including whole grains, beans, nuts, beets, avocados etc. One of the others significant ways to source copper is using copper utensils.

People who use copper utensils for storing food and water benefit it many ways. When water is kept in a copper vessel, the copper present in the vessel is known to eliminate a number of harmful micro organisms present in the water and thus helps to purify the water, in addition to making the water rich in copper.
Copper utensils have been used since ancient times. It is assumed that in India copper utensils were used to store water well before 2200 BC. Research shows that when water is kept in copper utensils for around 3 hours, the water becomes purified. This happens with the help of ionization process. The copper reacts with the water present in the utensil and ionizes the water.

Copper may also help you attain your weight loss goal. Copper rich water improves the digestive system and also helps the body in burning the fat more effectively.

Copper is important for your cardiovascular health, it fighting cancerous cells, killing micro organisms and purifying water. Besides, it also helps in stimulating your brain and regulating the working process of the thyroid gland.

Taking into account the researches carried out on copper vessels and anecdote evidence, we can safely increase our copper consumption by using copper utensils.


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