Using Copper Utensils in the Kitchen -The Pros and Cons
Copper as a metal has played an important role in history. It was in fact one of the earliest metals known to man. It was used in many ways which included as vessels for storing water and also to make equipment used in wars. Copper Ware is now only found in restaurants and used for serving exotic dishes. It was used in kitchen for cooking by our ancestors but the coming of steel changed this. Now most of the vessels we use in kitchen are made of steel. We will try and examine the reasons for using copper in the kitchen (Pros) and the reasons why its use was discontinued (Cons). 

Pros of Use of Copper Ware for Cooking /Serving

Superior heat conductivity – The cooking vessels we use nowadays made of alloys of aluminum and also of steel develop hot spots and lead to uneven cooking of food. Copper pots did not have such problems due the superior heat conducting capacity. Even distribution of the heat is essential for proper braising and browning foods, and the main reason behind copper vessels being used by expert chefs.

Good weight to volume ratio – The better weight to volume ratio means the copper pots are very stable on the burner and also not too heavy to lift.
 Looks beautiful – The shining copper ware looks really grand in the kitchen and on the dining table. The shiny red colour of copper makes it a stunner in the kitchen.

Cons of Cooking/Serving in Copper Vessels

Reactive to Food – Copper can react with foods and dissolve in most of them. This can lead to metal poisoning as more copper dissolves at higher temperatures. The option is to use copper vessel lined with steel or tin to avoid the reaction. This is one of the main reasons that steel cookware has replaced copper cookware.

Requires special cleaning – Copper needs to be cleaned even when not in use. Copper reacts to moisture which can corrode the copper vessel. Thus the metal requires higher cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Expensive Metal – Copper is one of the expensive metals and it is really hard to use the copper vessels in the kitchen. In fact it is quite unaffordable for average households.

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