Cleaning and Polishing Copper Ware
Copper ware which includes copper utensils, jewelry, antique items and show pieces look the best when they are shining. However, copper is a metal that reacts with moisture in the air staining itself. Stained copper really looks awry. But it is not hard to clean the stains. It is rather easy using some things you can find at home. Today we will be taking one method of cleaning and one method each of polishing copper ware.

Cleaning Copper with Lemon and Salt

You do not need to buy expensive cleaners to clean copper ware. Both the articles are readily available in every home. Lemon and salt can work wonders in removing stains due to oxidation of copper. 

Cut the lemon in the shape of a wedge. Now dip the wedge shaped lemon into salt. Now gently rub the lemon on the copper utensils you are cleaning. As soon as you start cleaning you can see the bright red metal gleaming from beneath the stains. Repeat the same method for the whole surface area. You will get shining copper Jugs after you have used the method on stained ones.

After cleaning rinse the copper utensil with water and remove all salt. If the salt is left behind it causes corrosion of copper. Now you need to dry the copper to prevent the re-tarnish. Another way of preventing re-tarnish is rubbing a bit of lemon after cleaning and drying.

Polishing Copper with Flour and Vinegar

There are many polishing materials that are available in the market for polishing copper and brass. However, they are not good for health especially if you are using the copper ware for cooking. So, does it meaning cookware should not be polished? No way, copper when polished looks really nice. There is a homemade recipe for polishing copper using wheat flour and vinegar.
Once the copper ware is cleaned using salt and lemon you can use this to polish. It is very simple. Mix flour and vinegar to make a paste and rub using a paper napkin. Now slowly remove the coating after sometime using a soft wet cloth. Then dry using a paper towel or newspaper. Your copper ware will look shiny as new.


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