Copper Water: How it Changes Water and its Benefits


                   How Copper Changes the Nature of Water

Copper is a metal that slowly reacts with water. There is no instant reaction but slow reaction. Copper slowly dissolves in water forming a mild alkali which raises the pH slightly. You just have to put water in a copper jug and leave it for 8 to 9 hours. The general practice is to store the water in copper ware overnight and drink on empty stomach in the morning.

When you store water for just 3 hours in copper jugs it is enough for killing the harmful bacteria. The ionizing property of copper is the reason for creating a substrate which kills the bacteria. The water is also beneficial for nervous and skeletal issues in the body. Ayurveda also mentions that copper has electromagnetic properties which enhance the prana Shakti in the body. The water stored in the copper vessel overnight is called Tamara jal by Ayurveda which literally means copper water viz. “Tamara” – Copper and “Jal” – Water.
Even if you are storing the water in a copper vessel for one or two days the water remains fresh. This is due to the fact that bacterial growth in copper vessels is not possible due to anti-pathogen nature of the metal.

Drinking water stored in copper jugs overnight and then drinking the same has been mentioned and recommended in Ayurvedic texts. Ayurveda goes further and talks about the why question also.

•    Copper makes water pure – This statement in Ayurveda has been reiterated by modern research. Copper has the unique property of killing the pathogens and making water safe for drinking.

•    Washes the stomach – It is a fact that drinking water in the morning from a copper tumbler helps to wash the gastrointestinal tract which includes the stomach.

•    Helps in reducing fat – Copper charged water works on the fat molecules and breaks it down. This broken down fat is easily absorbed in metabolism. Thus it helps in fighting the most dreaded modern ailment – Obesity.

•    Copper helps in sharpening memory – Copper is a known brain stimulant and hence is very beneficial for enhancing memory.

•    Strengthens Nerve tissue - Copper removes plaque from the inner portion of nerves and arteries and also helps the building of myelin sheath a cover around the outer walls of the nerves. This way it strengthens the nerves and prevents nerve related disease which includes heart problems.

•    Thyroid gland regulation – Thyroid is the gland most affected by the modern way of life and the pollution. Hence there are increasing problems of hormones which can be reduced by just drinking water from a copper tumbler.

•    Helps joint pain and arthritis – Copper helps to build new cells and iron and calcium absorption which strengthens the bones. People with joint pain when they have used copper charged water regularly have experienced relief. Similarly arthritis patients have also been helped by anti-inflammatory and healing property of copper.

•    Anti-oxidant – Copper helps to break down the free radicals which are responsible for ageing. So, helps the body remain younger for a longer period of time.


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