Copper and Zinc imbalance Lead to Coronary Artery Disease

Copper and zinc are trace elements necessary for the metabolic activities of the body. They are required in miniscule quantities as compared to other minerals like calcium and potassium. The key to good health is having a balance of copper and zinc in the body. Any imbalance whether it is excess or deficiency can be dangerous for the body.

The duo of copper and zinc, need to maintain a ratio with zinc slightly more than copper. This is very essential for delicate serum balance. As per the modern medical science the ratio should be 0.8 to 1 and should never exceed 1 is to 1 ratio. Copper should never be more than zinc. If zinc deficiency occurs liver is the best source for supplementing. In case of copper deficiency you could start drinking copper charged water from a copper jug or copper tumbler.
Deficiency of Copper and/or Zinc leads to coronary artery disease?

A study in Iran in the year 2007 has linked low copper and zinc levels in human body to coronary artery disease. They measured copper and zinc levels before taking a routine angiogram. The study clearly showed that both male and females having lower copper and zinc levels in their blood displayed some levels of coronary artery disease.

Some other research has linked copper excess to cause dementia and other mental ailments. Hence too high levels of copper are also detrimental for health. The best way is to drink half a litre of water daily from a copper vessel in the morning and not more. Always eat zinc rich food every week and consult your physician if you face any deficiency symptoms. This can protect against possible damages of the coronary artery which leads to coronary artery disease.


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