Copper the Purifying Metal from Ancient Times

Pathogen Killing Capabilities

Copper surfaces can kill harmful bacteria and virus as revealed by a research done in Britain. It is very interesting that Ayurveda knew about this property of copper long back. They were much ahead of what we call modern medical science. Ancient Indian tradition of keeping water in copper ware before offering to god signifies that they knew that copper can make water pure. Even now large copper pots are used to store water in temples. This water can remain fresh for years. If the same water is kept in other metals like steel or earthen pots bacteria or virus easily grows in it. So what is the secret of the fresh water?
The secret is that copper raises the pH of water. The copper metal slowly reacts with water which is known as oligodynamic effect in chemical terms. It forms a light alkali with water which is not harmful for animals or plants. This Alkali raises the pH of the water slightly making it uninhabitable for Bacteria and Virus. The research at Southampton University quantifies this fact. The study found out that Coli 157 a bacterium can live in a stainless steel vessel for months. However, when kept in a copper vessel at room temperature they died in four hours. Hence if water is kept in a copper vessel for 4 hours it is safe for drinking, without using all the modern purifying techniques. This could be the answer to safe drinking water problems of the underdeveloped and developing world. After this research even WHO is contemplating moving back to old ways when beds in hospitals and camps were plated with copper.

Copper and Fertility

Drinking water kept in copper jug or copper tumbler benefits us in many ways. One of the things that it helps is the sperm production in males. This increases the fertility and the chances of conceiving. Copper in a balanced dose can help the sperm production. Copper is an element which has to be supplemented from outside as our body is not equipped to produce it. There are many ways to supplement this metal but one of the easiest ways is to drink a glass or two from water stored overnight in a copper vessel. Our ancestors knew this property of copper of increasing male fertility. Hence copper glasses were gifted to a newly married couple, and this practice still exists in many societies in Northern India. It also strengthens the myelin sheath which is a protection for neurons. Copper water satisfies thirst easily as it is strong in taste, causes Agni element to increase and thus solves indigestion and gas problems as well.
Note: Excess dosage of copper can be detrimental to health as well. Especially pregnant mothers should not take much copper in their diet. Normally a dosage of 10 mg in form of tablets is the limit. Copper charged water another good source of copper should be drunk in limited quantities to avoid copper poisoning.


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