Copper the Metal in Health Care

We all know copper to be a good conductor of electricity, and its use in the electrical industry. But off late it has become a darling of the health care industry. More and more copper is being used in health care as the base metal copper is generally good for health.
The anti-microbial property of copper has been responsible for this change in attitude towards this reddish brown metal. According to Environmental Protection Agency copper surface kills almost all of bacteria (99.9% to be precise) within a matter of a couple of hours. This means it can be use to plate surfaces in hospitals where most of the infection spread is through contact.

Around 150 health care facilities around the United States have already installed a copper alloy surface in their premises in 2011. The products used are copper carts to carry medicine and swabs to copper door knobs. According to a comparative study of facilities using copper and ones not using copper the infection rates of the ones using copper is around 40% less. Now, that is something which can save lives. Isn’t it?

The use of copper in health care can really give impetuous to the copper industry where prices and demands have dwindled in the recent times. But the roadblock in its use in health care is the expensive nature of copper. Manufacturers have found a way out to reduce the price by using alloys instead of pure copper. Brass knobs which were used in the Victorian era are making a grand comeback. Health care can really benefit from this property of copper, and with the innovative alloying possible with copper, the reddish metal seems to be the answer to the infection woes of the world. More Detail :



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