Fashion and Copper

Interior designers have been obsessed with copper and the shiny red colour for a long time. The reddish shiny metal is again back in fashion. It is shrugging off competition from stainless steel and chrome, even in furnishing designs. This surge has been after nearly 40 years, since the 1970’s when copper was very popular in fashion. The recent scientific findings about the health benefits of using copper have contributed in this trend as well. The use of copper jugs to store water has become a dual thing, healthy as well as trendy.

The Captivating Colour of Copper


People are also keen to carry copper water bottles to place of work, as it has proven to purify water and offer digestive benefits as well. What else makes copper attractive? One of the attractions of copper is the spectrum of colours copper provides. It ranges from light rose gold to oxidized brown creating a glamorous look. Interior designers find it to be very eye catching and also having high emotional value, leading to its increased use in decorative pieces. Even the old patina look has been embraced as fashionable by people around the world.

Another thing that makes copper tick is its unique ability to form alloys. Bronze is the most popular of all the alloys and is used to make many decorative pieces. Even the pure pinkish tone of copper has been captured by many world renowned brands. The wall clock from Salt & Pepper is one example. Copper is also being used to make candle stands as it increases the aura of candles.

Using Copper in Home Decorations

Copper can be put to many uses inside the house. It can be used in furniture and wall claddings, bowls, vases or chandeliers. Even ceiling lamps and table lights can be beautified with the use of copper. Even copper wires can become a way to enhance the inner d├ęcor of the house. It can be used to make meshes, which can be sued to make bulb covers.

Another use is in the bathrooms mirrors. The elegant look of copper creates glamour in the bath as well. The cloth hanging apparatus gleaming in copper is another grand addition to the modern bathrooms. Door knobs can also be of copper, and believe it or not they will also keep you healthy. How? Well, it has been proven by science that copper surfaces kill almost 99.99% of microbes. Now, that is fashion with health, isn’t it? more detail.......


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