Moscow Mule: The Royal Cocktail from Russia
This cocktail made from vodka, ginger beer and lime juice was invented in 1941 by John G Martin in Manhattan. So, contrary to popular beliefs that it is a Russian drink it is in fact a drink made in America. The birth place of this exotic cocktail was Chatham hotel and that too just to quell the curiosity of what will happen when vodka, ginger beer and lime were mixed. When the mixture was tasted it was good, and five days later it was named as Moscow Mule.

The Moscow mule was traditionally served in a copper ware later popularized as Moscow mule mug. The inventor of this drink was pioneer in popularizing the use of copper mugs. Martin suggested the bartenders to pose with Vodka bottle and a copper mug and clicked a picture. These photos were later used in display windows. The Moscow Mule copper mug still remains the most popular serving vessel for this amazing cocktail. The drink is most popular in Los Angeles and is one of the top cocktails of the world. The slight ginger flavor this cocktail has endeared this around the world. If you alike cocktail you should try it, but try it in winters as it contains vodka. What is the secret to the naming of this cocktail? Well it is nothing but attribution of vodka to Russian and what is better than the capital city.

Benefits of Copper for Skin
Beauty-conscious men and women men will do anything to slow down their aging process. It is just so hard to accept the appearance of those fine lines on your temple and other parts of face. It is really only understood when you reach that stage; however, even though it is not completely possible to reverse the clock of aging, it is certainly possible to slow it down. It is important to resort to natural methods as using those chemical laden creams in a bid to eradicate those fine lines may not just work, but may also prove dangerous to your health.

When it comes to natural methods to slow down the aging process, copper is considered a very significant ally in aging skin care. It is not surprising to find copper as one of the ingredients in a number of lotions and creams formulated to do away with wrinkles.
Since ancient times, people have been using copper utensils like copper kettle and copper jug as they were believed to be helpful in promoting well-being. Many health conscious families, till date, use copper ware or copper vessels to store water and food. Copper kitchen utensils are a common site in the kitchens of most rural household. And a copper coffee maker is newest trend taking the market by storm.

Copper is found in all tissues of our body but is primarily stored in liver. We need to get this important mineral from our diet as our body cannot synthesize on its own.

As for how copper plays a role in maintaining youthful skin, it is because of copper peptide, a substance it forms by binding to peptides, the small fragments of protein. As we all know, proteins have many important roles to play within our body, and which includes repairing our damaged tissue and replacing the bad ones with new ones. Peptides, as mentioned earlier, are the very small fragments of protein, and they are instrumental to a healthy looking skin. Copper binds with these peptides and form copper peptide, and thus acts as a transportation medium to carry nourishing protein to the damaged skin.
Copper peptides are known to promote production of elastin, collagen, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycan. If you didn’t know these all substances are vital to a healthy skin. Thus, if you at all want to have healthy and youthful skin, you just cannot do without copper. Not only it is important to have a diet rich in copper, you can even use the fruits and veggies rich in copper and use them as a face mask.

Remember one sure shot way of getting enough copper in your system is to use copper utensils, copper ware, copper vessels, copper kettle, copper jug or even a copper coffee maker.

Health Benefits of Using Copper Utensils

Copper is one among the essential minerals that are found in our body. It helps in making of red blood cells in our body, maintaining our immune system as well as keeping our nerve cells in a healthier condition. Do you know copper also acts as an anti oxidant reducing the free radicals? These free radicals may be damaging to the DNA cells in our body. Copper is a necessary nutrient that our body requires for proper functioning of the body, thus in order to live a healthier and full life, we need to make sure that we have enough of this important mineral in our body. A trace of this mineral need to be replenished daily as our body does not synthesizes it.
When it comes to getting copper for our body, it is important to notice that our body cannot produce this mineral on its own and thus we need to source it from our diet. Copper is present in many different food sources including whole grains, beans, nuts, beets, avocados etc. One of the others significant ways to source copper is using copper utensils.

People who use copper utensils for storing food and water benefit it many ways. When water is kept in a copper vessel, the copper present in the vessel is known to eliminate a number of harmful micro organisms present in the water and thus helps to purify the water, in addition to making the water rich in copper.
Copper utensils have been used since ancient times. It is assumed that in India copper utensils were used to store water well before 2200 BC. Research shows that when water is kept in copper utensils for around 3 hours, the water becomes purified. This happens with the help of ionization process. The copper reacts with the water present in the utensil and ionizes the water.

Copper may also help you attain your weight loss goal. Copper rich water improves the digestive system and also helps the body in burning the fat more effectively.

Copper is important for your cardiovascular health, it fighting cancerous cells, killing micro organisms and purifying water. Besides, it also helps in stimulating your brain and regulating the working process of the thyroid gland.

Taking into account the researches carried out on copper vessels and anecdote evidence, we can safely increase our copper consumption by using copper utensils.

Copper Cookware : Must Know Information about Cooking and Maintenance

Copper Ware used for cooking is quite different from the steel and aluminum alloy vessels commonly used in kitchens. For instance copper pots bottoms are prone to deforming unlike steel cookware. Generally it is seen as manufacturing fault, but it is not. IT is the natural way copper behaves to heat due to it being sifter than steel. The copper is hammered to increase its strength. The copper pot bottom should be inward curved for stability. This is the reason copper pots look different.

Copper Vessels and Cookers -Copper vessels can be used on any kind of cooker and works very well with induction cookers. A little bit of ferrous coating bat the bottom makes it perfect for use on induction cookers. Gas cooker are the best for the red metal kitchenware as the heat is distributed evenly, which means thin walled pots can also be used. Only with ceramic cook top thick walled vessels are required as the heat distribution is uneven.

Color of Copper – Heating changes the color of copper and this is quite normal. Also the shine fades a giving it a vintage look after a certain period of time. This means that copper is pure and is best for cooking. People make the mistake of thinking that copper is not pure because it has lost its shine. It is completely untrue.

Maintenance Tips – Copper is a soft metal and hence is very much prone to scratches. New vessels are polished to give it a shine. The shine may fade away if proper maintenance is not done. When not using it should be stored in a dry place as copper reacts with water. There are special cleaning solutions for copper ware. However traditional method of rubbing with lemon juice and common salt is as good. Tamarind can also be used to clean the vessels. These cleaning processes remove the copper oxide formed due to reaction with moisture present in the air. Another important thing is to dry the vessels after cleaning leaving as little moisture as possible. Using a bit of coconut oil to polish occasionally gives excellent results. In case of vessels with inner lining of tin extra care must be taken and abrasives should never be used. Abrasives can easily remove the tin coating. Cleaning with a soft cotton cloth is the best option.

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Using Copper Utensils in the Kitchen -The Pros and Cons
Copper as a metal has played an important role in history. It was in fact one of the earliest metals known to man. It was used in many ways which included as vessels for storing water and also to make equipment used in wars. Copper Ware is now only found in restaurants and used for serving exotic dishes. It was used in kitchen for cooking by our ancestors but the coming of steel changed this. Now most of the vessels we use in kitchen are made of steel. We will try and examine the reasons for using copper in the kitchen (Pros) and the reasons why its use was discontinued (Cons). 

Pros of Use of Copper Ware for Cooking /Serving

Superior heat conductivity – The cooking vessels we use nowadays made of alloys of aluminum and also of steel develop hot spots and lead to uneven cooking of food. Copper pots did not have such problems due the superior heat conducting capacity. Even distribution of the heat is essential for proper braising and browning foods, and the main reason behind copper vessels being used by expert chefs.

Good weight to volume ratio – The better weight to volume ratio means the copper pots are very stable on the burner and also not too heavy to lift.
 Looks beautiful – The shining copper ware looks really grand in the kitchen and on the dining table. The shiny red colour of copper makes it a stunner in the kitchen.

Cons of Cooking/Serving in Copper Vessels

Reactive to Food – Copper can react with foods and dissolve in most of them. This can lead to metal poisoning as more copper dissolves at higher temperatures. The option is to use copper vessel lined with steel or tin to avoid the reaction. This is one of the main reasons that steel cookware has replaced copper cookware.

Requires special cleaning – Copper needs to be cleaned even when not in use. Copper reacts to moisture which can corrode the copper vessel. Thus the metal requires higher cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Expensive Metal – Copper is one of the expensive metals and it is really hard to use the copper vessels in the kitchen. In fact it is quite unaffordable for average households.

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